Get ready to unlock
a new level of productivity.

SuperPlanner is an innovative visual day planner and task manager to get things done.

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A new and better way
to manage your day

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Step 1

Organize your Activities

Make the most of every hour by organizing the activities from your day. Connect your calendars and sync your events automatically.

  • Unlimited activities

    Unlimited activities

  • Set custom repetition rules

    Set custom repetition rules

  • Set different times by day of week

    Set different times by day of week

  • Sync your calendar events

    Sync your calendar events

  • Get notifications

    Get notifications

  • Set custom icons and colors

    Set custom icons and colors

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Step 2

Add Tasks to your Activities

Add the tasks on the activities and events that you planned for the day. Say goodbye to long, overwhelming to-do lists.

  • Associate tasks with activities and calendar events

    Add tasks to your activities and calendar events

  • Set custom repetition rules

    Set custom repetition rules

  • Set priorities

    Set priorities

  • Create lists

    Create lists

  • Set notification time

    Set notification time

  • Assistant to plan subtasks

    Assistant to plan subtasks

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Powerful and optimized
for your devices

The app is available natively on the Mac, iPad and iPhone
to take advantage of each platform's unique features and strengths.

Sync across
all your devices

Secure Syncing

Sync between your devices using iCloud

Secure syncing

All the data is securely stored in your iCloud account and synced using iCloud Sync.

Privacy First

No sign up required. Your data is yours.

Privacy First

No user registration is required. All your data is saved in your private iCloud account.

Quick access to your tasks
with customizable widgets

Quickly see your activities, calendar events and tasks.
Multiple customizable widgets in all sizes that help you stay organized.

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About the developer

Hi! My name is Gabriel and I'm the developer of SuperPlanner.

I wrote my first lines of code at the age of 15 and I immediately knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to contribute by writing open-source software, delivering presentations at tech events, writing books, volunteering and helping other developers from the community.

I built SuperPlanner to stay organized and make the most of every day. It took many years of iteration, polishing and perfecting the product, and I am excited for people to start using it and help improve their lives.